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Redefine your Business with our Salesforce IoT Cloud Services

Deliver Excellent Customer Experience With Connected Devices

Salesforce helped firms to stay ahead of the competition by integrating tech-savvy features. And our Salesforce IoT cloud services help your business develop smart applications for customers. So, we involve network, time, location, and devices in the solution for better connection. Our experts harness the power of Salesforce into IoT to deploy proactive sales via business processes. We leverage the latest Salesforce IoT features and tools to help in cloud marketing, community, and other services.

Our Salesforce IoT cloud solutions help to get more deals and customers. And it helps to link devices to business information across disparate systems. IoT cloud offers services to help businesses to improve their approach to getting new clients.

Customer Experience

What our Salesforce IoT cloud services have to offer

cloud integration

IoT Cloud Implementation Services

Develop custom apps and systems to fit your business needs. Our Salesforce IoT cloud services offer sensors, connectivity, and management. We set with analytics to secure apps and services important for your business and users.


App Data Management Solutions

Data management helps to retrieve, update, and store data. And we help to build permanent records with these updated data. Our Salesforce IoT cloud services offer data management solutions to clients to manage user data wisely.

Result Driven Solutions

Customer Context Management Solutions

AI and ML are taking the industry by storm. And its integration with Salesforce IoT helps to store, and analyze customer context, to support decision-making. Plus, it offers you a comprehensive view of customer choice, pattern behavior, in buying routine.


IoT Cloud Consulting Services

Our seasoned professionals help to harness the power of IoT to Salesforce. We help to develop roadmaps and analytics to ensure your business's success. Our Salesforce consultants offer maximum ROI and a strategic roadmap to implement.


App Lead Generation Services

You can define a set of rules with products for users to follow. With these rules, you can easily craft performance metrics and profits. Our experts help to understand and foretell data as per user needs and behavior and also to attract new potential leads.


IoT Cloud Testing Services

Our expert design team ensures your software undergoes rigorous testing. We ensure interoperability, security, and load management, for conformance. And offers you a flawless experience with IoT-enabled robust and efficient solutions.

What you can gain after seeking our Salesforce IoT Cloud Services?

01Flexible Development

Valuable Insights

Seeking Salesforce IoT Cloud Services will help your business gather and process a huge volume of data to gain valuable insights to deliver impeccable services.


Better connectivity

IoT Cloud opens the gates for every device to effortlessly get connected with the Salesforce system. It will offer you with complete context of data to call out for real-time decisions.

03Enhanced Performance

Agile methodology

We strictly follow an agile methodology for Salesforce IoT cloud Implementation services to guarantee consistent and expected outcomes for our clients.


No Complexity

IoT cloud is indeed a low-code technology, it lets businesses focus on forming more productive solutions that can bring customers closer.

05Boost Revenue

Customer History

Our Salesforce IoT Cloud Services make it undemanding for you to analyze clients purchasing history, buying behavior, and patterns along with the system they are using to interact.

06Innovative Tools

Increased Opportunities

The data that you accumulate after Salesforce IoT cloud implementation services will assist several sections of a firm to attract clients to other new services and products.

Why Partner With Us for Top-Notch Salesforce IoT Cloud Services?

Accessible services01

Expertise & Experience

Relying on us will let you attain the expertise you need from the experts having decades of experience to maximize your ROI.

Third Party02

Continuous Innovation

With our Salesforce IoT Cloud implementation services, leverage new tools, features, and functionalities in your existing IoT solution for a competitive edge.

Scalable Model03

Technical Support

We by being your service provider ensure that your operations will run smoothly without encountering any kind of hamper and downtime.


High Scalability

Partnering with us for Salesforce IoT Cloud Services gives you the privilege to scale up your business in the time of need to align with business requirements.


Diverse Team

We don’t have a few experts for this service, our team is quite enough to deal with numerous projects simultaneously without leaving any stone unturned.


Robust Security

Security comes hand-in-hand with us as we place some effective measures like encryption, access controls, and data masking to secure confidential information.


Words Of Our Clients!

A Glimpse to our Portfolio

Our salesforce developers offer customized user-focused solutions for distinct businesses.

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Smart Manufacturing Optimization for an Automotive leader for reduction of their costs

Our client here is a leading automotive producer who leveraged our Salesforce IoT Cloud services to optimize its manufacturing operations. By integrating IoT sensors into its production equipment, the manufacturer accrued real-time facts on gadget performance, downtime, and maintenance. Salesforce IoT Cloud processed these facts to generate actionable insights, allowing predictive maintenance scheduling, proactive problem decisions, and standard device efficiency upgrades. As a result, the manufacturer skilled a good sized reduction in unplanned downtime, improved productivity, and superior product quality, leading to refined purchased satisfaction and operational cost savings.

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Merged Monitoring for a Healthcare provider for optimum customer satisfaction

In this scenario, we come across a client of the healthcare industry. They want to uplift patient care along with monitoring capabilities remotely. Thus, they approached us for the Salesforce IoT Cloud Implementation service. By deploying IoT-enabled medical devices and wearables, the admin gathered continuous fitness records from patients in real time. Salesforce IoT Cloud aggregates and inspects this information to screen patient vitals, spot anomalies, and cause signals for medical interventions when needed. This proactive technique to healthcare management enabled the provider to deliver personalized care, enhance patient care results, and decrease medical institution readmissions, in the end resulting in enhanced patient satisfaction and price-effective healthcare delivery.

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Seamless Inventory Management for a Retail Chain for increased sales

Here we find another client who is a global retail chain looking forward to optimizing its inventory management processes. Thus, we devised a customized solution for them by offering our Salesforce IoT Cloud Implementation services. We placed IoT-based sensors through its supply chain and shops, the retailer gained actual-time visibility into product availability, shelf inventory ranges, and customer buying patterns. Salesforce IoT Cloud processed these records to generate insights on demand forecasting, inventory replenishment, and promotional making plans. Backed up with these statistics, the retailer optimized its stock levels, decreased out-of-inventory conditions, and tailored advertising strategies to fulfill all the needs of the customers. As a result, the store has better income, stepped forward stock turnover, and high customer satisfaction through better product availability and personalized shopping experiences.

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Transformation of Agriculture by creating a connection for high savings & profit

A farming cooperative is our client who is exploring new measures to advance their farming practices to boost the crop percentage for a higher number of sales and revenue. To make them gain this end, we equipped them with our Salesforce IoT Cloud services. Through Salesforce IoT Cloud, they succeed in analyzing data to offer insights on irrigation scheduling, pest detection, and gold-standard harvesting times. All in all, it takes the farming cooperative one step ahead by improving the crop quality, minimizing water utilization, and accelerating yields, going ahead to form more profits along with some sustainable agricultural practices.


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Thunder powers the IoT Cloud, which Salesforce.com describes as a “massively scalable real-time event processing engine.

Salesforce offers a platform called Salesforce IoT Cloud for data storage and processing. Thunder, an event-processing engine designed to capture, filter, and respond to events in real time, powers the Salesforce IoT Cloud. 

A massive network that supports IoT devices and applications is referred to as an IoT cloud. The underlying infrastructure, servers, and storage required for real-time operations and processing are included. 

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